Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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You can see how these children are being taught to hate Israel and America and everyone who live in those countries. Terrorist organizations are creating a new generation of hateful people, these children will grow up to hate everyone who is not like them and it would be so difficult to change their mind. They are being taught to throw stones at and harm Israeli police and when they will react then everyone will say that children were harmed. These people also receive all the help from so called human rights organizations. Everyone should open their eyes and see true colors of these people.



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This is a slum area inside Islamabad city which is called tent or shopper colony because most people over there live in little tents made of plastic bags. This place is near an open sewerage line. Christians are forced to live there in extreme poverty and vulnerability. When they get sick, they are not allowed to be admitted in government hospitals because most staff don’t even want to touch a Christian (Christians are considered untouchable in Pakistan). Poor Christians then have to find hospital supplies from hospital garbage and then use them on themselves. Because these syringes or medicines are used and expired, that increases the chances of death and contracting new diseases for the patient. This is the country that always speaks for the rights of Kashmir and Palestine while ignoring their terrorism but they don’t really care about Christians living there. I am surprised to see how the world actually believe their lies and don’t really care what happens to Christians. The genocide and persecution of Christians that is happening in Pakistan right now is not being recognized by the world, instead they focus on Muslims of Kashmir, Palestine or Syria. The world should wake up now before its too late.

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In Pakistan, Ahmedi and Shia hate and persecute Christians just like the majority religion Sunni. They are all one and they have no difference. They purposely show this difference. Ahmedi and Shia are have equal rights, many properties and big businesses in Pakistan. They apply for asylum in Western countries so they can just preach their faith and do cultural jihad in those countries. The world should be aware of them and instead give asylum to Pakistani Christians because they really need protection.

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According to US Commission report on international religious freedom.
This is the real face of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, as you can see this Pakistani Islamist look very happy after destroying a Church and a whole Christian neighborhood. Thankfully US State Department named Pakistan as the first and only country on its “Special Watch List”. Now US should act on it and must not believe in the serpents who belong to the majority religion in Pakistan. They should not be accepted in any western country as Asylum Seeker. Europe should also do the same. Shia, Sunni, Ahmedi…they are all united in their hate against Christians and they all persecute Christians. They are deceiving the world by saying that they are different from each other or they hate each other but actually they are the same people and same religion. One of their goal is to do cultural jihad in western countries through immigration. Pakistani Christians must be prioritized and accepted in Western Countries because they are not a threat to anyone, are friendly, peace loving and can easily assimilate in western culture. Wake up world

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This man is living in U. K. and threatening other religions publicly. Isn’t it the responsibility of U. K. government to take action against this culprit for threatening and insulting other religions? No one in the world has right to think of themselves as superior religion and look down upon other religions. I urge all those countries who give refuge to these people to see their mindset

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An Islamic Extremist killed one civilian and two female police officers while shouting “Allah hu Akbar” by shooting at them. He also injured many others. This 36 years old terrorist was just released from the prison but the media is not showing his name, identity or photo. The only reason to hide this is that people who commit religious terrorism are being protected and are encouraged. The reason for that kind of incidents is that they were taken in Europe as refugees, they portrayed themselves to be the victims while their real agenda is to take over Europe. Wake up Europe, otherwise your culture, identity and religion will be wiped out by them. We pray for all the victims who died during this terrorist attack and we condemn this incident.

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Waqas Masih who was just 26 years old was murdered by Civil Lines Police in Gujrat City of Pakistan. This young man was the only brother of 4 sisters. He was the sole breadwinner in his family and on top of that his father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, treatment of which costs a lot of money. Pakistani Christians are facing a planned genocide, terrorists and government of Pakistan, both have just one goal which is to wipe outChristians from the country. America, Europe and other western countries are ignorant as usual and are not recognizing the genocide of Pakistani Christians which is why Pakistani Government and terrorists kill Christians without any fear. There was never any resolution in the United Nations Security Council on the subject of Christian persecution in Pakistan but when it comes to Palestine, there is always a resolution and everyone is protesting for them. We strongly condemn this incident and pray for Pakistani Christians.