Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

Nawaz Sharif or Nazi Sharif: by Hector Aleem

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The picture I have posted is the picture of my previous office in Islamabad, Pakistan. The date is also mentioned, this was the time when I was in prison due to false blasphemy case under section 295C and these kinds of slogan were chalked on the walls of my office by the extremists. This is the slogan of every Pakistani Muslim over there. This was the tenure of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) which is considered as a liberal party of Pakistan. I laugh at their so called liberalism.

As I have observed and according to my personal experience, every government of Pakistan is extremist but Nawaz Sharif whom I named as Nazi Sharif during his every tenure plays a role as a Nazi for Christians of Pakistan. Nazi Sharif himself is a product of madrassas who always support anti-Christian policies and organisations in Pakistan. He always appoints anti-Christian ministers in his cabinet that can follow his agenda of Christian Genocide in Pakistan. I am surprised to know that how they are deceiving the world.

The government of Pakistan including all political parties is participating in Christian Genocide in Pakistan. According to above picture of my office, they are focusing on real holocaust that is the Christian Genocide by burning them alive, killing them in prisons and police stations and burning Christian enclaves by falsely accusing them of insulting, burning and tearing a page or pages of Koran. But the question is, is one page of Koran more important than a human life?

Its time for the world to declare Pakistan as a Terrorist Country and a Threat to Global Peace and Humanity.

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