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Islam and Infidels: Hector Aleem

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Muslims should stop calling Non-Muslims as infidels (Kafirs). They should first try to show some respect to people who are different than them and only then they can expect respect from others. If they stop calling Non – Muslims as infidels (kafirs) then I think people will stop making cartoons against Islam. When tourists especially women visit Saudi Arabia, Iran etc. they must have the freedom to wear whatever clothes they want to wear only then we can expect people in the west to respect Islamic dresses such as burka etc. Muslims should become broad minded and must accept the diversity, they must make their countries and minds secular. They want sharia all over the world which means every woman should wear complete burka and every man should wear a long Arabic dress i.e. juba (which is without underwear). No, this cannot happen. Muslims should learn how to live with peace and harmony together with Non – Muslims. When Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews and others give them respect, why can’t they show a little respect?


One thought on “Islam and Infidels: Hector Aleem

  1. Chapter 9:5 of the Islamic Koran says “kill the none believer (Kafirs) rape their women and rub their possessions .As long Muslim believe this nothing will change the mind.They pray 5 times a day each time they course the infidels 5 times.


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