Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

Hector Aleem’s Struggle and Mindset of Islamists

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This is a popular Newspaper of Pakistan from which that news has been taken. From the very beginning, Hector Aleem worked for education. Hector Aleem under the banner of Peace Worldwide established 15 schools across Pakistan. But every time, he was accused of spreading Christianity through these schools. But he continued his struggle, during that time, his schools were attacked, they also tried to assassinate him. When he did not give up, then they filed a false blasphemy case under section 295-C against him. He was also tortured in jail during his four years period in prison. After that he left Pakistan but did not stop his struggle. Leaving a country does not mean that he stopped his struggle or is defeated from Islamists. The struggle continues, and Peace Worldwide is still working underground in Pakistan. He is still trying to change the mind set of these people. It’s a request to all of you to support Hector Aleem in any way possible so that he can succeed in his mission which is only peace.


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