Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

Christian revolution in Pakistan

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I am very happy to see that Christians here are taking a stand. This photo is taken from this page: and if you visit this page and many other Pakistani pages, you can see that all Pakistani Muslims are cursing and using foul language against Christians. These protests should not stop and all Christians should become revolutionaries to end this persecution once and for all. They are crying because Christians burnt this Paki flag, but everyday these Paki Muslims burn Israeli, American, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and many more European flags. They burnt and bombed our Churches and Christian enclaves in Pakistan…and now they are crying for this worthless flag? This is just a piece of cloth..its not more important than the Christian couple who were burnt alive. Shame on Pakistan. I want all members of this group to spread this message of revolution all over the world and help Pakistani Christians both morally and practically.


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