Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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We believe in Freedom of Speech and Religious Freedom. You can submit your articles/news regarding Peace, Religious Freedom, Human Rights etc on this email address: We will then post your article/news with your name and photograph on our blog.  

One thought on “Submit your articles

  1. I wish to proceed with Sovereign State same exact as Kuwait, We need to educate our people, not to continue to remain blind to the truth & in bondage to Muslim terrorist leaders, we want our land in Full & all our entitlements, & we are prepared to go against EVERYONE, as we believe GOD is on our side. Therefore, I assert the following: We Also believe that we need to demand for a Sovereign State just like the State of Kuwait, we were long before Kuwait existed, long before Arabs name came, as we are descendants of the Tribe of Abraham born in the land of UR, who had spoken the language of Aramaic, his descendant Moses also spoke Aramaic, his descendant JESUS CHRIST Our Lord & Savior, who is the King of All Kings, Our Living GOD who also spoke Aramaic, now the facts of this from same Tribe, Area, Land, Same spoken language Aramaic, it is simple Logic, so therefore our bloodline is and was long before the Arabs existed. We demand our rights to the Ancestral land as it is of our entitlements. I ask everyone to be fair & open minded in the best interest of the Christians of Iraq along with anyone wish to support us that we should trust for example Jewish etc. I wait for your response. Thank you. 1) ISIS declares Christians No. 1 enemy 2) A Theoretical Assessment of Humanitarian Intervention and R2P 3) Responsibility to protect 4) The Responsibility to Protect


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