Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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Attack on Christian TV Channel in Pakistan: Hector Aleem



Pakistan has proved itself to be the most terrorist country again. This time the target was a Christian tv channel called “Gawahi TV” in Karachi city. Muslim extremists burnt the office of channel, they also burnt Holy Bible, Cross and other Christian books. The burning and destruction of Holy Books and Worship places of religious minorities is a common practice in Pakistan. This Christian channel has been receiving threats, the channel management asked for police protection but who can protect you when your country is against you?. These days Pakistan is criticizing India for discrimination against religious minorities but whats happening to Christians inside Pakistan is worse than any other country. There has been no news on Pakistani tv channels and newspapers on this incident because Pakistani print and electronic media is biased and extremist. There has been no condemnation by Pakistani politicians and government officials, because they are all terrorists. Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism. I request you all to condemn this horrific act by Pakistan and please pray for this Christian channel.


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Views of Hector Aleem about Pakistan Army General


The Godfather of Terror
General Hamid Gul died on 15 August 2015. He was an infamous Director General of Inter Services Inteligence (ISI). He supported talibanisation and terrorism till his death. His dream was to destroy Europe, USA and all civilized countries. A Satanic chapter has been closed with his death.

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Hypocrisy of Pakistan: Hector Aleem


Christians are more than 10% in Pakistan but still they are not allowed to say anything, they are treated like animals, they are not given their rights. The national census of Pakistan is not correct, they always show a few Pakistani Christians. But on the other hand, Muslims are only 0.8% in America and still they say a lot of things and enjoy equal rights. The way Pakistani media portrays America is like the whole country is Muslim. I request all group members to pray for Pakistani Christians because they are living in a difficult country.

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Views of Hector Aleem about Pakistan Army General


General Hamid Gul died on 15 August 2015. He was an infamous Director General of Inter Services Inteligence (ISI). He supported talibanisation and terrorism till his death. His dream was to destroy Europe, USA and all civilized countries. A Satanic chapter has been closed with his death.

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A group of Pakistanis held a rally to honor the Charlie Hebdo shooters

It was a funeral ceremony in honor of two murderers. In Pakistan on Tuesday, that meant flowers, laudatory speeches and posters honoring the killers’ brave “sacrifice.”

The gathering was billed as a memorial service to honor the al-Qaeda-linked brothers who killed 12 people at the offices of Charlie Hebdo newspaper in Paris last week. Two days after that attack, French security forces killed both after a daylong standoff on the outskirts of the city.

In the northwest Pakistani city of Peshawar, a few religious and political activists decided that Cherif and Said Kouachi needed a proper sendoff — one suitable for two men the activists deemed religious warriors who sacrificed themselves for their Islamic faith.

Neither brother is known to have any connection to Pakistan nor to have ever traveled here. But organizers said the ceremony was a show of support for their defense of the honor of the prophet Muhammad, whom Charlie Hebdo had frequently lampooned over the years. French authorities suspect the gunmen — who were heard shouting “We have avenged the prophet” after the attack — targeted the newspaper because of those depictions.

“We were prompted by our faith to organize this funeral for those two martyred brothers,” said Pir Mohammad Chishti, a religious scholar who runs a seminary in Peshawar. “I only know one thing: They killed the ones responsible for blasphemous against our beloved prophet Mohammad.”

The gathering in Peshawar followed similar protest in neighboring Afghanistan on Friday. In Afghanistan’s southern Uruzgan province, hundreds of demonstrators streamed out of Friday prayers and declared the two brothers “heroes,” according to Reuters.

In both Afghanistan and Pakistan, those who gathered represent the conservative fringes of their countries’ political debate, but they’re not necessarily outliers on this topic. Their outcry reflects the deep-rooted passion that many Muslims feel about depictions of the prophet, which Islamic tradition forbids.

It is also something Pakistan forbids. Under the country’s strict anti-blasphemy law – which calls for capital punishment in some cases – the cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo magazine very well could have been criminally charged had they ever stepped in Pakistan. The law, which has been widely condemned in the West, can be triggered if someone is even suspected of demeaning the prophet.

In the aftermath of the shooting, lawmakers in some countries that have blasphemy statues, including Canada and Ireland, have considered ditching the law. There has been no such discussion in Pakistan, where 38 people are serving life sentences or are on death row after being accused of blasphemy, according to Knox Thames, director of policy and research at the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.


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Global Genocide of Christians: Hector Aleem

There is a genocide of Christians in Pakistan and Middle East. No Human Rights Organization, Government or Church is raising voice for these Christians. Isn’t their silence a violation of Human Rights? Even the governments of these Islamic Countries cannot control the extremists.

These days in Pakistan, there is a new law against terrorism everyday but they are not abolishing the blasphemy law. That means the government of Pakistan, Army and all politicians hate Christians from the core of their hearts. Pakistani Army took strong action against terrorism when their children died in a school attack by taliban. But no one cares for  Pakistani Christians who are being killed, raped, forcibly converted to Islam since 14 August, 1947. This Country is a curse for Christians.


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Hector Aleem: No Justice in Pakistan


A Christian couple, 35-year-old Shahzad Masih and his 31-year-old wife Shama Bibi, were burned to death Tuesday morning by a Muslim mob in the south of Lahore (Punjab province), accused of committing blasphemy for allegedly burning pages of the Qur’an.
The two, who worked in a clay-baking factory, were kidnapped on November 2 and held hostage for two days inside the factory. On Tuesday morning at 7:00 a.m. the two were beaten and then pushed into the brick kiln. Shama was pregnant.
The supposed blasphemy occurred upon the recent death of the Shahzad’s father. Two days ago, Shama was cleaning her father-in-law’s house, and in the process burned some personal items and papers that seemed useless. A Muslim man saw what she was doing and spread the word in the surrounding villages that the papers she burned included pages of the Koran. A mob of over 100 people formed, and took the couple hostage, finally executing them Tuesday.
Emaneul Sarfraz, a relative of the deceased couple, offered a slightly different version of the events. According to Sarfraz, his cousin Shahzad and his wife Shama had been working in the kiln of Muhammad Yousuf Gujjar.
“The couple along with their four children wanted to leave the kiln as Yousuf was not paying their remuneration. He demanded Rs 500,000 (Approximately 5,000 US Dollars) from them, if they wanted to quit.”
“Two days ago, after an exchange of words Yousuf locked the couple along with their children in a room,” Sarfraz said. After two local mosques announced the alleged blasphemy, “a large number of Muslims led by area clerics reached the kiln and dragged the couple out of the room after breaking into it. They first tortured them and then threw them in the kiln,” he said.
According to another report, as the Christian couple was burning and protesting their innocence, the mob was shouting “Allah hu Akbar,” “death to blasphemers,” and “kill the infidel Christians,” at which Christian residents nearby fled from their homes to safety.
The same report claims that it was the owner of the brick Kiln factory, Yousaf Gujjar, and his manager who instigated Muslims of nearby villages to punish Shahzad and Shama after a Muslim employee complained of them burning of pages of the Qur’an.
The police, alerted by other Christians, came to the scene, substantiated the death and brought in 35 people for questioning. A local police station official Bin-Yameen confirmed that “a mob attacked a Christian couple after accusing them of desecration of the holy Quran and later burnt their bodies at a brick kiln where they worked.