Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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FRIENDS OR FOES?: Hector Aleem

White Background

On the top left is a Reverend and Christian poet Dr. Shahbaz Imam Deen, who wrote Punjabi Christian songs in 1800s and his songs are still sung today by Indian and Pakistani Christians. On the top right is a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who is in jail due to a false blasphemy case in Pakistan and now she is on a death row. On the bottom left is a Muslim poet, Alama Iqbal who always wrote against Christianity and called Jesus’s followers infidels (Kafir). And on the bottom right is a so called founder of Pakistan known as Quaid e Azam who was an Anti Christian. The reason why I am writing this is because Pakistani Christians consider people in the bottom their heroes, but in reality they are the enemies of Christianity. Pakistani Christians are brainwashed from very early stage of their lives and are made to think of these two as heroes. The real heroes are the ones on the top who are followers of Jesus Christ, who served Christ, Asia Bibi is facing death punishment due to her faith but she never denied Christ. They are our real heroes. Pakistani Christians, please open your eyes and recognize your friends and foes.


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Threat Notes to Hector Aleem


A bus with 46 Ismailis on it, along with women and children was attacked by extremist in Karachi, Pakistan. The massacre was carried out yesterday when the Islamists stormed the bus and started shooting without any fear. Ismaili is one of the sect of Islam that is not acceptable to Islamists. I receive lots of threat letters by Pakistani Muslims and they use abusive language in their messages to me for telling the truth. They claim that minorities in Pakistan aren’t facing any danger and they aren’t being discriminated by muslim majority. I am an eye witness to the behavior of Pakistani Muslims and I can say that not only government, high officials and police but courts are also very discriminative. I am posting a new video and let all of you to decided that either minorities of Pakistan are being discriminated or not? Courts, government of Pakistan and locals are involved in destroying this one hundred years old temple and the houses of Hindus who were living here for four generations. I will keep writing unless Pakistan is declared a secular state. 

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Christian Boy, 14, set on fire in Pakistan

Written by Hector Aleem

A 14 years old Christian Boy in Pakistan was set on fire because of his faith in Jesus Christ. Its a shame on all those so called Christian leaders in Pakistan who were against the Christians who protested against the bombing of two Churches there. Are lives of Christians so cheap that even Christians don’t care for them? Why everyone only cares when Muslims die? Why no one speaks up for Christians? I am astonished to see the behavior of international community towards Christians.

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Don’t promote Extremism in the name of Racism: Hector Aleem

303921_268973533138012_844355859_nDefending people from extremism, preserving the culture and protesting against terrorism is not racism. Protest is basic right in a democracy. Calling a whole nation an infidel, hating in the name of halal, killing, torturing, raping…all that is racism, not only racism its terrorism. Open your eyes world. Go to Islamic Countries if anyone wants see real racism, what happens to Non-Muslims there is worse than racism.

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Protest against killing of Pakistani Christians: Hector Aleem

Mr. Akram Masih Gill Former Federal Minister of Pakistan, Mr. James Cyprian and Mrs. Parveen James protested on behalf of Peace Worldwide, against the killing of Pakistani Christians at United Nations headquarters, New York, USA. Chairman of Peace Worldwide Mr. Hector Aleem addressed the protesters by phone. We will continue to raise voice for Persecuted Christians in Pakistan and all over the world.

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Christian revolution in Pakistan

I am very happy to see that Christians here are taking a stand. This photo is taken from this page: and if you visit this page and many other Pakistani pages, you can see that all Pakistani Muslims are cursing and using foul language against Christians. These protests should not stop and all Christians should become revolutionaries to end this persecution once and for all. They are crying because Christians burnt this Paki flag, but everyday these Paki Muslims burn Israeli, American, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and many more European flags. They burnt and bombed our Churches and Christian enclaves in Pakistan…and now they are crying for this worthless flag? This is just a piece of cloth..its not more important than the Christian couple who were burnt alive. Shame on Pakistan. I want all members of this group to spread this message of revolution all over the world and help Pakistani Christians both morally and practically.


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Hector Aleem’s Struggle and Mindset of Islamists

This is a popular Newspaper of Pakistan from which that news has been taken. From the very beginning, Hector Aleem worked for education. Hector Aleem under the banner of Peace Worldwide established 15 schools across Pakistan. But every time, he was accused of spreading Christianity through these schools. But he continued his struggle, during that time, his schools were attacked, they also tried to assassinate him. When he did not give up, then they filed a false blasphemy case under section 295-C against him. He was also tortured in jail during his four years period in prison. After that he left Pakistan but did not stop his struggle. Leaving a country does not mean that he stopped his struggle or is defeated from Islamists. The struggle continues, and Peace Worldwide is still working underground in Pakistan. He is still trying to change the mind set of these people. It’s a request to all of you to support Hector Aleem in any way possible so that he can succeed in his mission which is only peace.