Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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Look at this video carefully, those who speak Urdu or Hindi can understand but those who can’t, I will explain for you. Asia Bibi is a Christian woman who is accused of blasphemy and has been in prison for 9 years. Her decision is pending in Supreme Court of Pakistan. Now this extremist cleric is encouraging everyone to kill Asia Bibi and any judge who grant her freedom. He is also saying openly that he was behind the murder of another judge and the governor of Punjab Province in Pakistan. It is surprising to see that government is neither arresting him nor banning his extremist organization. I urge international community to take strict action against him and his organization because he is spreading hate and religious intolerance. There is no bigger terrorism than this where someone openly encourages people to kill.

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30742460_10155721448089576_1136342351023702016_nThese are Pakistani muslims who are protesting against a Christian woman Asia Bibi who is in prison for 9 years and facing death punishment. They purposely wrote her name like that because it means sinner in urdu. Also they have used disgusting and abusive words for her. Is this the kind of respect pakistani muslims give to women? Pakistani army, supreme court, government and dirty minded pakistani muslims…all are trying to kill just one Christian woman. When will the world wake up? when will they see that Christians are facing genocide in Pakistan?

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FRIENDS OR FOES?: Hector Aleem

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On the top left is a Reverend and Christian poet Dr. Shahbaz Imam Deen, who wrote Punjabi Christian songs in 1800s and his songs are still sung today by Indian and Pakistani Christians. On the top right is a Christian woman, Asia Bibi, who is in jail due to a false blasphemy case in Pakistan and now she is on a death row. On the bottom left is a Muslim poet, Alama Iqbal who always wrote against Christianity and called Jesus’s followers infidels (Kafir). And on the bottom right is a so called founder of Pakistan known as Quaid e Azam who was an Anti Christian. The reason why I am writing this is because Pakistani Christians consider people in the bottom their heroes, but in reality they are the enemies of Christianity. Pakistani Christians are brainwashed from very early stage of their lives and are made to think of these two as heroes. The real heroes are the ones on the top who are followers of Jesus Christ, who served Christ, Asia Bibi is facing death punishment due to her faith but she never denied Christ. They are our real heroes. Pakistani Christians, please open your eyes and recognize your friends and foes.