Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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There were a series of suicide attacks in Churches today in Indonesia. According to the news, attackers were all from the same family. Mother and two daughters did a suicide attack on one Church while a sons and father attacked the other Church. ISIS claimed responsibility for this attack. Those attacks in Muslim countries need to stop and Western Countries should wake up and do something about protecting Churches in Islamic Countries. There should be an international law for the protection of Churches in Islamic Countries. We condemn this attack and pray for all persecuted Christians around the world.

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Protest against killing of Pakistani Christians: Hector Aleem

Mr. Akram Masih Gill Former Federal Minister of Pakistan, Mr. James Cyprian and Mrs. Parveen James protested on behalf of Peace Worldwide, against the killing of Pakistani Christians at United Nations headquarters, New York, USA. Chairman of Peace Worldwide Mr. Hector Aleem addressed the protesters by phone. We will continue to raise voice for Persecuted Christians in Pakistan and all over the world.

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