Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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Dual Face of Pakistan (Hector Aleem)


Everyone should know that all these Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIS etc are the creation of Pakistan. This country is giving aid and training with the help of Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries to all these terrorists organizations. If you look closely, the dresses worn by ISIS and other terrorists are similar to the national Pakistani dress called shalwar kameez which proves that they got training in Pakistan. Now already a nuclear power, Pakistan has a dual face and is showing the good side of the face to west but the reality is the bad side of its face. The new  Army Chief of Pakistan is controlling government and all politicians and terrorists secretly. They don’t want to kill these terrorists because for them they are the Islamic soldiers and they want to plant these soldiers all over the world. They have this desire to revive the Ottoman Empire or in other words the “Khilafat” and to become a Super power for complete global domination. Now it is up to the global powers and the west to see the real face of Pakistan and stop it before something bad happens. Pakistan is even worse than Nazi Germany or Japanese Empire, the west need to stop Pakistan before its too late.

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Open Your Eyes

Written by Hector Aleem

Today the Foreign Ministry of Pakistan condemned India due to some incidents of forced conversions of Christians and Muslims. Pakistan says that forcing someone to change their religion is a violation of Human Rights but same kind of incidents are also happening in Pakistan in fact they are even worse. Forced conversions and ethnic cleansing of Christians is happening in every Muslim country in which Pakistan is at the top. Pakistan’s level of hypocrisy should be noted, they are doing it and are condemning their neighbor for the same thing. I on behalf of Peace Worldwide condemn India as well as Pakistan and all countries which are forcing their citizens to change their religion. This needs to be stopped.

Muslims are supported by their Muslim religious leaders who are also very active in politics. Same is with Hindus, Buddhists etc. Religious leaders of all religions are very active in politics of their countries but why only Christians are away from it? Why only the Churches are away from politics? Its time for Churches and all Christian religious leaders to participate in politics. They must ensure that Christians inside and outside their countries are protected. Because now, Christians look up to Human Rights Organizations, Intergovernmental Organizations, Churches and Christian leaders. Everyone wants to pray for them but no one wants to help them. Christians all over the world are one body in Christ, when a Christian in Middle East is hurt, Christian from the West should feel the pain. Its time for Christians to Open their eyes as well as hands.

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No difference between Pakistani education syllabus and Charlie Hebdo: Hector Aleem

Written by Hector Aleem 

pen-mightier-than-swordI don’t support insult of any religion as well as I support freedom of media and free journalism but I don’t support killing someone if someone else’s freedom hurts you. These are the same scholars and cartoonists who introduced religious freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of expression, they are the reason we are living freely in this world today. Whenever anything happens anywhere in the world Pakistanis are the first and the only ones to protest and support the terrorists but they never see the poor condition of minorities in their own country. They don’t allow anyone to insult their prophet but every Friday illiterate mullahs give derogatory remarks against Jesus Christ, Christianity and call Christians an infidel and untouchables on loud speakers. Freedom of speech means if Christian believe that Jesus is Son of God, no one has right to stop or persecute us for what we believe, its our faith and we have right to practice our religion freely. Pakistani syllabus is full of hate, negativity and insult for Christianity which is as same as Charlie’s cartoons. This syllabus is a blasphemous syllabus for Christians. Pakistan need to stop discriminating against Christianity only than the world will support Pakistan. One cannot insult other religions and expect respect for their own religion. Muslims think that freedom of expression and religion is for them only. All Pakistani parliamentarians who are supporting and recording protest against the cartoons should be ashamed of their act because they are the ones who can abolish the black blasphemy law from Pakistan but they don’t do it because they don’t want Christians to get freedom in Pakistan. All Islamic religious political parties of Pakistan are the terrorist parties and they should be arrested and trialed in military courts for giving a call of protest because their purpose is to promote hate against Christians and other minorities of Pakistan.

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Global Genocide of Christians: Hector Aleem

There is a genocide of Christians in Pakistan and Middle East. No Human Rights Organization, Government or Church is raising voice for these Christians. Isn’t their silence a violation of Human Rights? Even the governments of these Islamic Countries cannot control the extremists.

These days in Pakistan, there is a new law against terrorism everyday but they are not abolishing the blasphemy law. That means the government of Pakistan, Army and all politicians hate Christians from the core of their hearts. Pakistani Army took strong action against terrorism when their children died in a school attack by taliban. But no one cares for  Pakistani Christians who are being killed, raped, forcibly converted to Islam since 14 August, 1947. This Country is a curse for Christians.


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Hector Aleem writes about hidden agenda of ISI

Pakistan convened a grand conference of mainstream political parties to evolve consensus on national security policy and discuss proposal for talks with Taliban insurgents but what is the real agenda behind this conference? Agenda of the meeting was to bring peace and harmony in Pakistan and get rid of extremism and terrorism.

The resolution also states that “The Federal Government should consider the possibility of taking the drone issue to the United Nation as drone attacks are a violation of International Law. They also declared that we shall ourselves determine the means and mode of fighting this war in our national interest and shall not be guided by the United States of America or any other country in this regard” but the hidden agenda of ISI is to stop drone attacks and to have a complete hold on Afghanistan through Talibans.

ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) and Pakistani politicians have a history of supporting and encouraging Talibans and other terrorist organizations. For example Khalid Khwaja an ISI officer in 1988 said in an interview to Asia Times Online that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met Al Qaida Chief Osama Bin Laden thrice in Saudi Arabia. As per Khalid Khwaja’s Statement, he also stated “I joined my former Director General of ISI Gen Hameed Gull and played a role in forming the then Islamic Democratic Alliance consisting of the Pakistan Muslim League and the Jamaat-e-Islami.


Pakistan has been supporting Talibans and terrorism through ISI. The Generals and Chiefs of ISI are in constant connection with terrorists. The real agenda behind this conference is to empower and protect Talibans and to promote Talibanisation and Islamisation through Parliament of Pakistan, the statement of Khalid Khwaja and involvement of Nawaz Sharif in pro Taliban activities are examples of mind-sets of Pakistanis.

Other Politicians don’t need any introduction, e.g. Maulana Fazl ur Rehman and Maulana Sami Ul Haq are proud of recruiting Talibans in Pakistan. Hundreds of people including these politicians have performed Osama Bin Laden’s funeral prayers. They still address Osama Bin Laden as a Martyr.  Statements of Imran Khan and his Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) that all sanitation jobs should be given to the Christians shows their hate for Christians in Pakistan. Chief Minister of KPK Pervez Khatak further mentioned “the reason for this decision is because Muslims are holy and superior nation and Christians are untouchables and hateful Minority, that is why Muslims cannot do sanitation jobs and Christians on the other hand who are untouchables are perfect for that kind of job.” During a debate on budget in National Assembly, a parliament member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf, Mr. Mujahid Ali Khan, demanded for the release of Mumtaz Qadri (the man who gunned down Governor of Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer just because he was supporting Asia Bibi who is facing death penalty in Jail due to a false blasphemy case). These are the prominent examples of Imran Khan’s hate for Christians and his discriminatory and pro-Taliban mind-set. Imran Khan is in fact a reincarnation of Osama Bin Laden or Osama Bin Laden in disguise.

About the mind sets; let’s have a look at another example, few days back, intelligence personnel of Pakistan arrested a student of Punjab University; who was found to be affiliated with Al Qaeda and eight more students have been arrested on the information provided by the detained. This is another example of Taliban mind set of a normal student studying in a university. Mullah Baradar who is a high commander of Taliban is soon going to be released by the Government of Pakistan. Talibans are continuing their activities in Pakistan. Shahid Ullah Shahid, spokesman of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (Taliban Movement Pakistan) welcomes the joint decision of All Party Conference which supported and agreed on dialogues with Taliban.

Pakistan is a country which is hungry for power since its inception. It wants to be the leader or the super power of South Asian region. Unfortunately, it’s the only Muslim nuclear power in the world and this makes it even famish for power. APC is Government of Pakistan’s step to strengthen Taliban and generate its power in the region.

89% Pakistanis support Talibans but the Government of Pakistan is afraid of international community that is why they are creating the drama of dialogue with Talibans but in reality, they are giving them license to kill which will impose Talibanisation in Pakistan and will make it a complete terrorist and Taliban state.


This article was written by Hector Aleem in 2013 when the government of Nawaz Sharif (the ruling prime minister of Pakistan) held an All Party Conference by inviting all political parties of Pakistan for dialogues with Taliban. This proves that 89% population of Pakistan is pro-Taliban, that ISI promotes Islamisation and Talibanisation and guides all parties and encourages them to support Taliban. In other words, ISI is ruling all over Pakistan.

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Written by Hector Aleem “Christian Genocide in Pakistan”

5477105595442674142691257118090n-2579318_p9In 1947, Christian leaders were influenced by the false promises of Quaid e Azam. SP Singha (the Christian leader) of that time voted for Pakistan, that vote was not for freedom, that vote was for slavery and bonded labor. 14 August 1947 is not the day of freedom for Christians, it is the day of slavery and bonded labor. Christians are already been tortured in Pakistan but other minorities like Hindus etc are also not spared. Pakistanis kidnap and forcibly marry the girls of minorities in Pakistan, the case of Rinkal Kumari is an example in this matter. Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan also gave decision in the favor of kidnappers. What will happen to people when the Chief Justice of a Country is unjust?
Christianity is the largest minority in Pakistan but besides being the largest number of minority, they are also the largest number of persecuted nation in Pakistan. There are lots of examples of Christian persecution since the inception of Pakistan.
Today, Pakistani Christians are regularly jailed, persecuted and even sentenced in false blasphemy cases. Pakistani fundamentalists are cutting the necks of Christians like street dogs, raping and abducting Christian girls. Shame on recent parliamentarians like Tahir Khalil Sandhoo and Kamran Michael who are enjoying the ministry with the ruling government, if they care even a little about their nation they should resign immediately and start working for Christians.
The recent case of Shafqat Masih is the worst example of blasphemy cases lodged against Christians because his whole family is in custody of the police and they have been shifted far away from their home city. This is the same case in which I was trapped and had to spend four years in prison for this offence. No Christian is such fool to send a blasphemous message to any Muslim cleric especially when they know the consequences, also, every Christian parent teaches their children not to involve their selves in any anti-Islamic activity.
There are no organizations especially Christian NGOs who are helping these victims of blasphemy instead they depends upon the local NGOs who do nothing but provides false news to the international media, normally all these organizations are the agents of the government of Pakistan who provides news according to the guidance of the Government of Pakistan.
Peace Worldwide condemns the misuse of blasphemy law in Pakistan because it is creating hate and inferiority complex in the minds of Pakistani Christians, the government, the secret agencies and courts are silent when several innocent Christians are facing persecution due to blasphemy law.
Pakistan should stop genocide of Christians of Pakistan. Or else a time will come when Christians of Pakistan will consider Pakistan their enemy and will rebel against it because same concept of two nation theory applies here.
Hector Aleem
Peace Worldwide


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Hector Aleem and his family were persecuted in the worst possible way

This is the letter which was issued by the Government of Pakistan. The wife of Mr. Hector Aleem (Human Rights Activist) submitted an application to Human Rights Ministry of Pakistan. After which they issued this letter just for a formality. In this letter, the Federal Minister of Human Rights ordered the Inspector General of Police to solve the matter within three days but Hector Aleem and his family were tortured for four years. In fact, when the police saw this letter, they tortured Hector Aleem and his family even more. This is the worst way a Human Rights Activist and his family are treated. Christians in Pakistan are number one in regards of persecution.