Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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Donate for Persecuted Christians

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This Christmas, let us help persecuted Christians and voiceless refugees and let them see the true joy of Christ. Your little donation can make their Christmas better this year. Send us a message for more information. Thank you


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This Christian man named Faraz used to work at a private hospital as a manager. Pakistani Muslims throw acid on his face and burnt him, they did it because they didn’t want a Christian to be in a manager position. This is not new, it happens to Christians in Pakistan all the time. In that way, Christians are discouraged to be in a top position of a company or an institution. I am really tired of writing because human rights organizations and western countries don’t really care about about the plight of Pakistani Christians. But whatever it is, I will continue to write for Pakistani Christians until their persecution is recognized by the civilized world. Please pray for this young man’s health and all Christians in Pakistan.

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In Pakistan, Ahmedi and Shia hate and persecute Christians just like the majority religion Sunni. They are all one and they have no difference. They purposely show this difference. Ahmedi and Shia are have equal rights, many properties and big businesses in Pakistan. They apply for asylum in Western countries so they can just preach their faith and do cultural jihad in those countries. The world should be aware of them and instead give asylum to Pakistani Christians because they really need protection.

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Waqas Masih who was just 26 years old was murdered by Civil Lines Police in Gujrat City of Pakistan. This young man was the only brother of 4 sisters. He was the sole breadwinner in his family and on top of that his father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, treatment of which costs a lot of money. Pakistani Christians are facing a planned genocide, terrorists and government of Pakistan, both have just one goal which is to wipe outChristians from the country. America, Europe and other western countries are ignorant as usual and are not recognizing the genocide of Pakistani Christians which is why Pakistani Government and terrorists kill Christians without any fear. There was never any resolution in the United Nations Security Council on the subject of Christian persecution in Pakistan but when it comes to Palestine, there is always a resolution and everyone is protesting for them. We strongly condemn this incident and pray for Pakistani Christians.

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The name of this 25 years old Christian girl is Asma Yaqoob aka Maria, she was being forced to become a Muslim but she did not convert. After that a local Muslim cleric asked everyone to punish her for not accepting Islam. Then some men broke into her house, dragged her out and a Muslim man named Rizwan Gujjar put acid on her face. 31113552_10155722249754576_7759720536124424192_nNow she is admitted in Mayo Hospital Lahore and is in a critical situation. As usual, Government, Judiciary and Media of Pakistan are silent on this. Pakistani Christians have no one in Pakistan and even the Western Countries ignore them. I said this before and I will say it again that this is a planned genocide of Christians and the world does not care. I appeal everyone to please pray for Asma. And I urge Western Countries to wake up and pay attention to Pakistani Christians.

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Attack on Christian TV Channel in Pakistan: Hector Aleem



Pakistan has proved itself to be the most terrorist country again. This time the target was a Christian tv channel called “Gawahi TV” in Karachi city. Muslim extremists burnt the office of channel, they also burnt Holy Bible, Cross and other Christian books. The burning and destruction of Holy Books and Worship places of religious minorities is a common practice in Pakistan. This Christian channel has been receiving threats, the channel management asked for police protection but who can protect you when your country is against you?. These days Pakistan is criticizing India for discrimination against religious minorities but whats happening to Christians inside Pakistan is worse than any other country. There has been no news on Pakistani tv channels and newspapers on this incident because Pakistani print and electronic media is biased and extremist. There has been no condemnation by Pakistani politicians and government officials, because they are all terrorists. Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism. I request you all to condemn this horrific act by Pakistan and please pray for this Christian channel.