Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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These are Christian women who live in remote area called Sanghar in Sindh Province of Pakistan. Most of the Christians here live in extreme poverty and are slaves to the Muslim landlords here, they work for only few dollars a day and some are not even paid. They are not allowed to leave this area or gain education. Every week police raid homes of Christians here, torture men, snatch their money and kidnap women so they can rape them in Police Station. Husbands and sons get tortured, wives and daughters are raped, this is the situation of every Christian family that lives there. There are representatives of Christians in Pakistani Parliament but they are selected and not elected which means they speak for their political parties, not for Christians. The only thing they do is to give a report of “All is Good” regarding Christians in Pakistan which is obviously a lie. The world must open their eyes and see the real face of Pakistan and recognize persecution of Pakistani Christians. No matter which government, Christians were always persecuted in that country. I request you all to pray for Pakistani Christians.

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An Islamic Extremist killed one civilian and two female police officers while shouting “Allah hu Akbar” by shooting at them. He also injured many others. This 36 years old terrorist was just released from the prison but the media is not showing his name, identity or photo. The only reason to hide this is that people who commit religious terrorism are being protected and are encouraged. The reason for that kind of incidents is that they were taken in Europe as refugees, they portrayed themselves to be the victims while their real agenda is to take over Europe. Wake up Europe, otherwise your culture, identity and religion will be wiped out by them. We pray for all the victims who died during this terrorist attack and we condemn this incident.

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Waqas Masih who was just 26 years old was murdered by Civil Lines Police in Gujrat City of Pakistan. This young man was the only brother of 4 sisters. He was the sole breadwinner in his family and on top of that his father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, treatment of which costs a lot of money. Pakistani Christians are facing a planned genocide, terrorists and government of Pakistan, both have just one goal which is to wipe outChristians from the country. America, Europe and other western countries are ignorant as usual and are not recognizing the genocide of Pakistani Christians which is why Pakistani Government and terrorists kill Christians without any fear. There was never any resolution in the United Nations Security Council on the subject of Christian persecution in Pakistan but when it comes to Palestine, there is always a resolution and everyone is protesting for them. We strongly condemn this incident and pray for Pakistani Christians.