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No difference between Pakistani education syllabus and Charlie Hebdo: Hector Aleem

Written by Hector Aleem 

pen-mightier-than-swordI don’t support insult of any religion as well as I support freedom of media and free journalism but I don’t support killing someone if someone else’s freedom hurts you. These are the same scholars and cartoonists who introduced religious freedom, freedom of speech and freedom of expression, they are the reason we are living freely in this world today. Whenever anything happens anywhere in the world Pakistanis are the first and the only ones to protest and support the terrorists but they never see the poor condition of minorities in their own country. They don’t allow anyone to insult their prophet but every Friday illiterate mullahs give derogatory remarks against Jesus Christ, Christianity and call Christians an infidel and untouchables on loud speakers. Freedom of speech means if Christian believe that Jesus is Son of God, no one has right to stop or persecute us for what we believe, its our faith and we have right to practice our religion freely. Pakistani syllabus is full of hate, negativity and insult for Christianity which is as same as Charlie’s cartoons. This syllabus is a blasphemous syllabus for Christians. Pakistan need to stop discriminating against Christianity only than the world will support Pakistan. One cannot insult other religions and expect respect for their own religion. Muslims think that freedom of expression and religion is for them only. All Pakistani parliamentarians who are supporting and recording protest against the cartoons should be ashamed of their act because they are the ones who can abolish the black blasphemy law from Pakistan but they don’t do it because they don’t want Christians to get freedom in Pakistan. All Islamic religious political parties of Pakistan are the terrorist parties and they should be arrested and trialed in military courts for giving a call of protest because their purpose is to promote hate against Christians and other minorities of Pakistan.