Stop the Persecution of Christians

Christians, the most persecuted people in the world

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So there are two photos below, one is from Pakistan and the other is from Iran. Both are religious extremist countries that promotes terrorism in the world. Pakistanis are very angry because President Donald Trump stopped aid to Pakistan. So what I have understood so far is that Pakistani Muslims hate America but also want aid from that country? the mindset of these people can never change. They teach their children to hate all Non – Muslims from a very young age which is why hate is so strong in their minds. Lets all pray for President Donald Trump so he can make more bold decisions.

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Hypocrisy of Pakistan: Hector Aleem


Christians are more than 10% in Pakistan but still they are not allowed to say anything, they are treated like animals, they are not given their rights. The national census of Pakistan is not correct, they always show a few Pakistani Christians. But on the other hand, Muslims are only 0.8% in America and still they say a lot of things and enjoy equal rights. The way Pakistani media portrays America is like the whole country is Muslim. I request all group members to pray for Pakistani Christians because they are living in a difficult country.